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Meet the Chef

As a young boy rooted from Northern Louisiana, home of some of the most exquisite food in the world, I feel grateful for the opportunity to marry my passion for food from my Creole upbringing with the magic that happens amongst family, friends, and perfect strangers around the table. In our Creole culture, food is a way of showing love while fellowshipping. I specialize in creating innovative dining experiences for friends and family. From intimate dinners for two to mid-sized celebrations, I work with my clients to create a unique experience that meets their personalized needs, including accommodating food preferences, allergies, and dietary restrictions.  Whether it’s a special meal for 2 (or more) in the privacy of home or special event accommodations, I enjoy working as a private chef to make something special happen.

Here at Le-roux, it is our mission to infuse each pot with love, one ingredient at a time.

Chef & Founder

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